NJ Neuroscience Institute

The New Jersey Neuroscience Institute serves as one of the most extensive clinical programs in the state for the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of patients with complex neurological diseases and injuries. The staff includes neurologists, neurosurgeons, neuropathologists, psychologists, neuro-oncologists, neuroradiologists, researchers and allied health professionals who are dedicated to a program of care that meets the specific needs of each individual patient.

The Institute has consistently led the field of neuroscience by investing in the most sophisticated technology that gives our specialists an edge in diagnosing and treating disease. Some examples include being the first in the country to have the Adventex LCN Plus, an improved 3-D vascular imaging machine, and offering other technological innovations such as frameless neuronavigation, MRI spectroscopy, as well as functional, diffusion and perfusion, vagal nerve stimulator, endovascular imaging and neuroendoscopy. The Institute's latest advancement and the first in New Jersey is the Gamma Knife, a non-invasive (bloodless) stereotactic radiosurgery technology that can destroy a tumor deep within the brain without a single incision.

The New Jersey Neuroscience Institute offers a wide array of complementary programs to treat the most complex neurological disorders. Coupled with the most advanced technology and a professional support system, the physicians at the Institute are able to provide leading edge medical treatment with compassionate care.