History of Grant

The Stroke Center Act was written by New Jersey Senator Barbara Buono of the 18th district and signed into law on September 1, 2004. This act put New Jersey at the forefront of Stroke Systems of Care by creating a designation proces for Primary and Comprehensive Stroke Centers. Briefly, Primary Stroke Centers must have systems in place to ensure the rapid and appropriate administration of the clot-busting drug t-PA to patients with ischemic stroke. Comprehensive Stroke Centers must provide this service, but also have neurosurgical, endovascular and rehabilitative services to care for the most complex types of stroke. In additon, Comprehensive Stroke Centers must be involved in research and education on stroke. By law, each Primary Stroke Center must have an affiliation with a designated Comprehensive Stroke Center.

Another part of the Stoke Center Act was the creation of a grant process to help hospitals obtain the resources necessary to qualify for designation. JFK Medical Center is a designated Comprehensve Stroke Center and has used grant funds to improve educational efforts for practitioners and the public. This website was funded by the state grant.